How to Choose your Bouquet

August 19, 2019


 You have your dress, the shoes & accessories and now you need to decide what flowers you want to hold to compliment the look. There are lots of things to take into account when you choose your bouquet firstly the shape.



If your dress has lots of detail around the waist you won't want to hide it, so the shape & size of the bouquet needs to be considered. A hand tied posy is the most obvious choice in this instance, as the round symmetrical classic shape doesn't distract from anything. 

A cascading bouquet is as it describes - flowers falling in arrangement and quite often larger than a typical posy and likely to cover any detail in this area of the dress. Then you have the slightly loose boho style bouquet which appears to look more like random flowers gathered together in a very natural style, this look lends itself to less formal dresses.  Your height & body shape are also worth taking into account, for example a small posy for a very tall person can get lost so a cascading style may be more suited, for a fuller figure,  a wider or asymmetric bouquet can work really well. . 




Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for flowers and does get the thought process going. However it doesn't manage expectations particularly well - bouquets never have price guides next to them and some images are misleading. Pictures of huge cascading bouquets can be very unrealistic and likely to have just been created for a photo shoot where it would have been put down in between photographs and not necessarily made to last for any great length of time. I always explain to a bride how important it is that they can carry their bouquet in just one hand! So as beautiful as a big bouquet is, the weight and sheer size will not be particularly comfortable on the day. There are mechanics I use which allows me to fill a bouquet with lots of beautiful blooms yet still feel light and manageable.  (On our facebook page there are several videos showing a finished bouquet being held in one hand




 The main aspects to consider when choosing the actual flowers are:

the colour scheme you are working with,  so complimenting the bridesmaid dresses or visa versa is a good place to start. Flowers have lots of beautiful meaning's so researching what is special for you and finding the flower that represents something meaningful. Sentiment  can play an important part in your choices,  for example if there are special flowers you have been given in the past, or the flowers your grandmother carried on her wedding day, this adds a lovely sentiment to your bouquet - just bear in mind if this is an important part of the choice for you then check which season these flowers fall in before you chose your date! That brings us to value & season. Working with the flowers that are in season at the time of your special day will ensure you receive the best quality and value with your flowers and also creates a special memory when you look back at your spring wedding photographs for example and you are carrying a beautiful scented spring bouquet. If cost is a real factor in your decision then this can affect the choice of flowers. Garden roses, protea and peonies are examples of premium flowers which will carry a high price tag. 



 We all have flowers & colours we prefer and for me there are several that I love to work with, however my job is to ensure your flowers reflect everything you want them to and guide you through the choices. During a consultation I note every little detail that a bride shares with me about what she wants for her bouquet and include all these details when I create the flowers. Hands down the absolute best part of being a florist is that moment when you hand over the bridal bouquet & see the reaction on a brides face - or the tears of joy! The reviews I receive after a wedding telling me how much the flowers meant,  are worth all the 4am starts & long days - and nothing beats it!  If you are looking for a wedding florist to guide you through your flower choices then please complete the wedding enquiry form on the wedding page and we can start talking flowers. 


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